New Pilot Resources

You've found FPV racing, and you can't wait to fly. Welcome! If you're new to the sport, or just new to flying with us, there are some things you need to know.

Spectators Welcome!

Spectators are always welcome. Feel free to ask us questions, but please keep conversation to a minimum within earshot of racing pilots.

Fly with us

We meet almost every Sunday to race or practice. During winter (November to March), we are indoors at RC Kinetics in Troy, NY. In summer (April to October) we're at Maalwyck Park in Schenectady, NY.

Pilots flying with us must be members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Membership entitles the pilot to insurance, and comes with a wealth of information about events, news, and gear. Pilots who regularly fly with Full Tilt at Maalwyck Park must also be members in good standing of the Electric Powered Aeromodelers (EPA) AMA charter.

Talk with us

If you need help with anything from building a quadcopter, to learning to fly, to finding places to practice, our very active Slack channel is the place to be. Keep up to date with events, gear, and gossip!

Uncommon Sense

Drone Racing is a hobby full of mistakes that you'll only make once. Learn from our experience!

  • Always remove propellers when the quadcopter is on the bench. If you're replacing a component or just updating your firmware via USB, take the time to remove the propellers. You'll have more fingers to fly with.
  • Ask the group before you make a purchase. You may be pinching pennies on your first build, but some bargain bin clearances aren't worth buying. We're happy to give an opinion on all of the latest gear, and often can find a better part for a lower price. Save yourself the heartache of mismatched components!
  • Don't fly over pavement. It's tempting to find an empty parking lot to take off in, but the wear and tear it can put on a quadcopter adds up, especially in the early days. Ask the group for tips on our favorite places to fly!

Fly Legal

It only takes a few bad apples to ruin the sport - Don't be that pilot! Be familiar with the FAA rules for drone flight.  A simple breakdown is available at - Some excerpts:

  • NEVER fly near manned aircraft!
  • Do not fly over people
  • If you are getting paid in connection with your flight, you need to be certified under Part 107.

Be a Ham

In FPV Racing, we use video transmitters to allow us to see from a bird's eye view. Some of the frequencies used by commonly available transmitters are regulated by the FCC, and their use requires a Ham Radio Operator's License. Thankfully, getting licensed is inexpensive ($15) and simple, especially compared to building and operating a racing drone. The test is 35 multiple-choice questions, drawn from a pool of 426 potential questions, all of which are available to study online. Join the #HamLicense channel on Slack for more information!

  • Sample tests (requires free registration)
  • YouTube video series explaining each part of the test

Get Gear

There are many sources for quadcopter gear, with varying levels of selection, quality, and customer service. Here are some of our favorites.

  • - Use coupon code FullTilt and, at no cost to you, Pirofliprc will provide race gates for the club. Score!
  • - Use coupon code FullTilt and, at no cost to you, a percentage will be donated directly to the Full Tilt Club. Thanks!
  • - This is a list of gear worth buying, at several price points. This site provides candid reviews on every type of quadcopter component and tool.